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PRICES: Unless otherwise stated, additional costs incurred by us on account of any alterations made at the buyer’s request to quantities, delivery dates or rates or agreed changes in specifications shall be borne by the buyer.

All prices are based on current costs at date of quotation and are subject to increase to the extent of any subsequent alterations in prices of fabrics, waybill or any increase in the costs of or relating to manufacture or delivery.

DELIVERY: The time and place of delivery shall be specified in the buyer’s orders.

2. All delivery dates or periods are to be treated as estimates only unless we have expressly guaranteed delivery at a specific date. Deliveries may in any event be postponed or suspended without liability during any period in which circumstances of any kind outside our direct control hindered or prevent the production or dispatch of outfits.

CANCELLATION: if the buyer cancels all or part of an order at any time, the buyer shall upon demand reimburse us for any costs incurred by us.

2. In addition to and without prejudice, cancellation notified to us less than seven days before the due delivery date, the buyer shall pay us 10% of the value of the cancelled order; and of an order made in accordance with the buyer’s designs, patterns or specifications, if such cancellation takes place after all or part of the outfits have been made or begun to be made then the buyer shall pay us the full agreed price of the outfits. In such circumstances, all fully and partly finished outfits will be delivered to the buyer at his request and expense.


Where the price includes delivery, we will at our option, repair, replace free of charge loss or damages of our goods in transit; provided that:

1. In the case of damage or shortage, the buyer notifies both the carrier and us within 7 days after the receipt of the goods.

2. In the case of loss, such notice is given within 14 days after they are dispatched.

3. Where the buyer specified the carrier, responsibility for loss or damage in transit lies with the buyer.

CATALOGUES: The descriptions and illustrations contained in our catalogues, price lists and other advertising matter are intended to present a general idea of products and none of these shall form part of the contract. All illustrations, specifications, patterns and designs are our copyright. We reserve the right to alter specifications, patterns and designs at any time before acceptance of the buyer’s order.

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