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Long Sleeve Kaftan Shirt and Trousers Laced with Embroidery


Description: Long sleeve kaftan shirt and trousers laced with embroidery

Colour: Lilac

Size: Large

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Our quality and unique senator Long sleeve kaftan shirt and trousers are laced with embroidery for men. Gives men a classy look for both formal and casual events. Made from 100% quality fabrics, with bespoke detailing and a proper finish. Worn with cufflinks. These senator Long sleeve kaftan shirts and trousers laced with embroidery are made to order, so you can request a custom order. To customize your orders, please supply the measurement outlined below;

Around neck:
Across back (shoulder to shoulder):
Sleeve length:
Biceps ( Around arm):
Chest Circumference:
Tummy Circumference:
Top length:

Waist circumference:
Thigh Circumference:
Knee Circumference:
Ankle width:
Trouser length (outseam):
Crotch length:





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As soon as your order is received and your measurement is provided we will start working immediately.  it will be ready and shipped through DHL express which delivers within 3-5 business days. Kindly note that when you preorder, we deliver it to you for free.
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