The whole story begins with you

How does it feel to know that while you just purchased a clothe for yourself, you also just purchased an outfit for a less privileged child in dire need of a pair of decent clothing? The HMCCI through your patronage makes and delivers clothing to poor children in impoverished communities across Nigeria. You are the heart and soul of the HMCCI.

How it works?

While several organisations have strived to ensure a better life for vulnerable children by providing them access to basic nutrition, clean water, electricity, hygiene materials, and other necessary basic services.

House of Marv strongly believe that these impoverished children also deserve decent clothing; a social cause we’ve embarked upon. For every pair of clothe purchased by our customers, a pair of clothe is delivered to an underprivileged child through the House of Marv Clothe a Child Initiative.

 We are on a mission to clothe 10million Nigerian children by the end of the decade and you can monitor and evaluate this project through our social media pages.

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Children Clothed

The Power of HMCCI

One pair of clothe for an improvised child in the northern market.

Increases productivity by 30%.

Increases monthly income by up to 20%.

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Wear One, Clothe One

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